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caring and informed advocacy

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  • Open and easy communication; I am available to you via phone, email, and text throughout our relationship

  • Nonjudgemental support, information, and advocacy around your upcoming birth

  • Continual emotional and physical support for the duration of your labor

  • Assistance with building a strong foundation for your nursing relationship

  • The ability to support a physiological birth through movement and positions


You deserve to feel safe, confident, and supported during your birth. I will be a caring, informed, strong partner, supporting you and your team as you advocate for yourself in pregnancy, labor, birth and beyond.

Birth doula fee, sliding scale: $1400-$2000 


  • Sliding scale to fit your budget and experience

  • You determine the cost of my service after the birth of your baby

  • Birth service includes two prenatal visits, two postpartum visits, and attendance by your doula for the duration of your labor and delivery

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