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Originally a collaboration in 2019 between Angie Doulas and Leialoha Hurwitz, two ferns doula care was conceived as a partnership between two intentional, empathetic women, who were called to support those on the tremendous journey of birth and becoming parents. Blending their solo doula practices and deep friendship into one entity created a strong foundation of care, becoming better together for every client served.

In 2020, two ferns doula care welcomed Jenne Alderks to the team, as Leialoha returned home to bless her native Hawaii with her birth work. In fall of 2022 Jenne and Angie respectfully ended their journey together as they each moved their doula work in different directions. As of September 2023, both in her early solo practice and within these partnerships, Angie has been honored to care for over 90 birthing families in the homes, birth centers, and hospitals of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Honored by what she learned working alongside these two incredible women, Angie will be continuing her practice as the sole member of two ferns doula care, recognizing the beauty of the dyad in all aspects of pregnancy and birth. She will continue to benefit from the power of partnership by sharing birth clients with due dates in the spring of 2023 and beyond with Milla Blindauer.

Learn more about Milla here.

Contact Angie to learn more about her services, and how she and Milla can support your timeless yet unique journey.

Check for location and due date availability here.

Please note: Angie and Milla are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.


"When I was pregnant, I was interested in seeking a doula’s services to help guide me and my husband through the birth experience. I had heard how beneficial a doula could be in the delivery room, but I had no idea just how important and special that relationship would be.


We interviewed with Angie at the beginning of my third trimester and I felt a connection to her immediately. I think I even asked her to be our doula before the interview was over. Angie has a warm and steadying presence, which is exactly what I needed. Angie met with us 4 weeks before we went into labor and helped us think through our birth plan and our hopes for the birth experience. We felt heard as she listened to our ideas, desires, hopes and fears.


When the time came to let Angie know that I was feeling contractions, she helped us identify pre-labor and I was able to relax at home before heading to the hospital. At the hospital, her presence was felt immediately. I don’t think I let her or my husband leave my side throughout my long labor. Angie worked with my husband to provide consistent encouragement and love. She had great ideas to help me shift position or frame of mind when I felt discouraged or stuck. She also worked closely with our midwife and L&D nurse and she shared her knowledge to get me in better positions to help the baby move through the birth canal.


She became the floatation device that helped me surf the waves of contractions and helped me over each hurtle of my labor. Angie visited our new family a couple weeks after delivery. She helped us process our birth story, which I found very empowering. She shared her perspective, pictures, and lots of love for the three of us. I cannot fully express how wonderful Angie was for us because a lot of our experience was felt on an emotional level. But I can say that Angie was a wonderful fit for our family, and we feel beyond lucky to have found her."


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